Have you tried X to fix your sleep

Since it comes up frequently and everyone has their helpful suggestions.

Cutting out coffee?

Yes, I stopped drinking coffee for over a month.

Initially I slept more, I didn't get any withdrawal headaches. But after the first 10 days or so I adjusted and started sleeping badly again this time I didn't have to option to have a few mugs of coffee to get me through, so ended up tired, headachy and miserable from tiredness. But now without the option to have some coffee, and my sleep was no better.

I actually really enjoy coffee, the smell, slight mood lift, the jittery buzz. Also there's also a growing evidence base for a multitude of health benefits. I see not drinking coffee for health reasons as mostly protestant self-denial. Although I can appreciate for people of an anxious persuasion it not being good.

Excercising so you're really tired?

Yes, if I really go for it like a 50+ mile cycle for example I end up with my metabolism really ramped up, so I'm hot and can't sleep. If I get too physically tired I just lie there with my body humming.

If I do some gentle excercise, e.g. walking, swimming I don't notice any impact, maybe it helps.

Not using a computer/watching YouTube in bed?

I generally watch machining videos, they're not super engaging and stop me from thinking/planning things.

When I've not watched things or listened to the radio I find it even harder to sleep. I end up getting out notebooks and sketching stuff. My mind is like a perpetual motion machine, slowly running faster when left alone.

Reading a book?

Yes, I tend to find books to engaging. If it's a particularly interesting book I'll happily read until the sun comes up.


Yes,I tried doing 45mins if mindfulness, focusing on my breathing before bed for a couple of weeks, it didn't do very much.

A full day silent meditation retreat did help me sleep a huge amount, I slept more deeply and we'll than I have for a long time.

Maybe you don't need much sleep?

Maybe but I feel pretty exhausted and tired a lot of the time.

Maybe you're sleeping to much?

Well I try to go to bed early in the hope I'll be able to get to sleep.

Having a FitBit has meant I at least have the ability to quantify how little sleep I generally get.

You should get up at the same time every day and not nap.

After two weeks of doing this I became more and more sleep deprived. Averaging 2-4 hours sleep a night, but without any lie in or naps on the weekend to catch up. I was so tired I wanted to cry, but still want getting to sleep any earlier. So stopped.


The traditional Nytol is a first generation anti-histamine which causes drowsiness.

It helps a lot on the first night but I get a bad rebound affect and sleep much worse the next night.


Strangely not available for sale in the UK but ok to bring in.

Sometimes makes me feel naturally tired and just ready for bed. Although not consistent.