• Trackpoint mouse speed is too slow and can't be increased even after editing conf settings
  • Screen snapping, even with Amethyst doesn't work nearly as easily or smootly as in Gnome3
  • Keyboard layout is global rather than per keyboard, even more annoyingly on first boot it reverts to the default OS X layout, after login the layout changes. Which still catches me out with my sign in password
  • Dock hide/show speed can't be adjusted
  • Bluetooth headphones sometimes switch profile between headset and high quaility audio, and there isn't a way to change it.
  • It struggles with multiple keyboards and doesn't recognise new keyboards. E.g. if you have a home and office setup with different keyboards

Stuff that works well

  • Zoom screen sharing is better

Older OS X version

  • Bluetooth speakers stutter because it keeps trying to change the bitrate.