I was involved with a group called the Curiosity Collective in Ipswich that I found through trying to setup a Hackspace there. An amazing group of people who were bright, welcoming, really interesting, and a high point of my time there.

The concept behind this was Together Apart. I wanted to create a physical animated version of an exploded diagram.
Video player exploded diagram

Day 1

Time lapse build video.

Day 2

Time lapse build video.

There were quite a few moments through this project that I found problems and felt that I should have picked them up earlier. For example, of-course if you have motion you need feedback to know when something is at the top or bottom of the motion.

The exhibition was really great and I enjoyed the experience. I met Tim Hunkin who is a personal hero of mine, and we took a group photo using Cibachrome which is a postive reproduction film which will never be produced again. Due to the rise of a digital and the physical difficulty and cost in producing it.